Arthroscopic Anterior Stabilisation  / Latarjet procedure



Post op

Day 1-3


  • Sling 3 weeks
  • Active assisted and closed chain exercises within safe zone
  • Proprioception and scapula setting
  • Neck, elbow, wrist & hand exercises
  • Avoid combined abduction & external rotation
  • Do not force or stretch

3-6 Weeks

  • Wean off sling 3-6 weeks
  • Stretches, gently progressing from safe zone
  • Strengthening within safe zone

6 Weeks +

  • Progress range of movement and resistance
  • Address any posterior capsule tightness
  • Open & closed chain proprioception exercises
  • Can commence combined abduction and external rotation




Week 6

Active range of movement at least 75% of normal

Week 12

Full range of movement, with only minor loss of combined abduction and external rotation


Return to Functional Activities


Driving 4-6 weeks

Swimming Breaststroke - 6 weeks

Freestyle - 3 months

Golf 3 months

Contact Sport 4-6 months

Lifting Light - 3 weeks

Heavy - 3 months

Work Sedentary - As able

Manual - 3 months


Courtesy - NC/RC


Guidelines for post-operative physiotherapy listed here should be used as reference points and are best used in conjunction with individualised post operative instructions and titrated appropriately as per patient progress. This guideline is designed and used by physiotherapists at the Wrightington Hospital and The Arm Clinic.

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