ACJ Reconstruction



      Post op

Day 1-3


  •      Sling 3 weeks
  •      Passive table slides and gentle active assisted up to 90º, rotation as comfort allows
  •      Scapula setting & axillary hygiene
  •      Neck, elbow, wrist & hand exercises
  •      No lifting

3-6 Weeks

  •      Begin weaning off sling for ADLs etc…
  •      Progress to AROM
  •      Gentle strengthening below 90º
  •      Don’t force HBB

6 Weeks +

  •      Sling discarded
  •      Active stretches above 90º
  •      Strengthening in available range



Week 6

     75% of full ROM, comfortable out of sling

Week 12

     Full ROM, 90% to full strength


Return to Functional Activities


Driving 3 weeks

Swimming 6 weeks

Contact Sports 3 months +

Lifting Light - 6 weeks

Heavy - 3 months +

Work Sedentary - 3 weeks

Manual - 3 months +


Courtesy - NC/RC


Guidelines for post-operative physiotherapy listed here should be used as reference points and are best used in conjunction with individualised post operative instructions and titrated appropriately as per patient progress. This guideline is designed and used by physiotherapists at the Wrightington Hospital and The Arm Clinic.

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