About Shoulderpedia

Shoulderpedia is a website designed primarily around the need of patients with shoulder problems. Internet has undoubtedly become the main source of information of us, whether it is to do with healthcare, science, art or even help with children’s homework !

Shoulderpedia is designed and maintained by Puneet Monga, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a shoulder-focussed clinical practice. It was following an injury, Puneet realised that although there is a large amount of medical information already available on the internet, most of it was technical information for health professionals. As an Orthopaedic surgeon it was easy to navigate and sift through such vast swathes of information available but it was clear that there are only a very few up-to-date, focussed yet “simple-to-understand” information sites.

As medicine has become more specialised, there is a need for a more focussed information resource for patients, which is easy to understand for “untrained" people but detailed enough at the same time to help in health related decision-making. And, this precisely is the vision behind this web resource- Providing information for shoulder patients in a jargon-free fashion.

The core of this resource provides information about shoulder conditions commonly seen. Shoulder problems ranging from shoulder pain to sports injuries are covered within this section. The section dedicated to professionally education has a selection of presentations and lectures given by the author. There are sections related to preparations for consultation and surgery. We have a section dedicated to patients who have undergone treatment previously, for prospective patients to read through and this is the online equivalent of “word-of-mouth”. We particularly welcome patients’ input in this patient Alumni section. Feedback is crucial for healthcare and we are proud to showcase some of such feedback for our team. We would welcome further suggestions from patients on what they would like to see on this web resource.

We sincerely hope you find this website useful and would welcome your feedback.

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